Can I prove nursing malpractice?

I believe nursing error led to me now having neuropathy.They first told me I had pneumonia,I did not,Then they said I had diabetes,I do not have it.They gave me steroids which caused my blood sugar to rise too high and then had to give me insulin.I believe that is what caused nerve damage resulting in neuropathy.I went into hospital for low oxygen levels,all I needed was oxigen which I am now on and when I woke up the morning after comiing home and their medications had worn off I was in excruciating pain and could not use either arm!

Lees Summit, MO -

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Matthew A. Dolman

Matthew A. Dolman

Personal Injury Lawyer - Clearwater, FL

I would recommend giving it a little bit of time to see if the neuropathy and issues associated with such go away over the coming days. Medical malpractice cases are very difficult as we must prove that either the physician or medical provider (as in this case) deviated from expected standard of care. These are very expensive, expert laden cases. Thus, unless you have suffered a "permanent injury" (way too early to tell) you will have a hard time finding an attorney who will desire to handle this case.

In any event, I would recommend consulting with a licensed medical malpractice attorney in your jurisdiction.

I wish you the best of luck.


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