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Can I press charges on someone who reported false accusations to CPS? The things they said were unspeakable & anger me!

Mabank, TX |

Also, I just found out when reading the case records that they interviewed my daughter at her school. I know they can do that, but my husband or myself were not notified, and I read on the website they have to notify you within 24 hours of the interview. Is that a valid complaint?

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  1. Your experience with CPS is unfortunately not uncommon. If you are being investigated by CPS you need to hire a lawyer immediately. Once CPS decides you may have done something wrong you will run through the system and force you to complete as many classes, counseling sessions, drug tests, home studies as they desire, all while they threaten to remove your child to foster care, or worse, terminate your parental right all together. Get a lawyer, now.

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  2. I agree with Attorney Guest, you need to talk with an attorney ASAP.

    Good luck.

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  3. If some made false statements of fact about you to another knowing they were false you may have a case for defamation. However these case are very expensive. Most attorneys require a $5000 retainer to start. If this is worth it to you contact a local attorney to review your case.

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  4. Without a monetary loss, a defamation lawsuit would costs thousands more than would be likely recovered.

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