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Can I press charges on my landlord and his employees?

Manteca, CA |

I am at my wits end with San Joaquin County. My landlord ordered his employee to come into my home and throw my property out like it was garbage. NO UNLAWFUL DETAINER HAD BEEN FILED OR SERVED. Over a period of 5 days, I was intruded on, harassed, intimidated, and threaten with weapons while my belongings were thrown out like garbage. Sheriffs provided no relief. I was even intimidated by one deputy. I have video pics and a number of witnesses. I was refused help by Fair Housing. No attorney will speak to me. DO CA TENANTS REALLY HAVE RIGHTS? I successfully regained entry and a month later an unlawful detainer has been filed. They first had to serve me a 30 day. A lot more details, but can I file criminal charges against all involved? Who should I file with. I am not getting answers?

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You can only file a police report - who will then turn this over to DA to see if charges should be filed. Your facts are sketchy. This actually might just be a civil suit against your landlord . Get a landlord tenant attorney.



You can file a police report, whether it get prosecuted is up the police and the DA

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You cannot file criminal charges. However, you can talk to the police, who will hopefully file a police report. The report will be forwarded to the DA's office, who may decided to file charges.

Are you current on your rent? Why not move?

As Mr. Roberts stated, there may be facts that support a civil lawsuit. Speak to a tenants' rights attorney and/or a civil rights attorney.



I do not have financial means to move right now. The home is not permitted is what I was told by code enforcement when I complained. I was current on my rent when this started. I regained entry on 5th day of assult and LL attempted to have me arrested but failed. NO LAWYER IN THIS COUNTY WILL TALK TO ME!

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