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Can I press charges on an 18yr old that had sex with my 14yr old daughter?

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I just found out that 2 wks ago my 14 yr old daughter had sex with an 18yr. There isn't exactly 4 yrs between them. He turned 18 this past fall and my daughter will be 15 in February. Is there any charges I can press against him? Statutory rape? Indecent liberties? Anything? I know laws vary from state to state. We are located in North Carolina. I do not want this to go with nothing to be done. Any advice greatly appreciated.

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  1. You can contact the police and it will have ramifications that may destroy this boys life. Their both young and did a stupid act. i can understand your frustration.

    Would it be better to put your daughter through the court system or deal with this yourself.

    is your daughter pregnant? There are many factors to consider before you make that call.

    This might be better settled taking him out back by the wood shed and having a talk with him about staying away from your daughter or if she's pregnant marrying her.

    That boy's just a kid like your daughter's just a kid. You'll decided what's best.


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  2. You could possibly have a civil claim, but unless he has assets it would be of no value. A criminal case could possibly be pursued, but would be a matter for the police and prosecutor's office.

  3. Regardless of the exact crime involved, the proper procedure is to contact local law enforcement and make a report. Typically a detective would be assigned and they would do an investigation to determine what charges would be appropriate. They would also make the decision as to whether to charge this person. After that it is up to the DA's office to prosecute the matter. Because these would potentially be felony charges you would not be able to go to the magistrate and take out the charges yourself.

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  4. You don't press charges, what you do is notify the police to investigate.

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