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Can I press charges for a stolen car that never had my name on the title?

Reston, VA |
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I recently bought a car but never put my name on the title because I was going to resell it and the DMV gives you a thirty day period to do so. A "friend" of mine was supposed to fix it and then return it to me but instead took the title out the glove box and went to the DMV and registered under his name. The police say I can't press charges because there is no evidence linking to me ever owning the car. Did someone really steal my car without me being able to do anything about it?

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You should be able to establish your right to the vehicle by showing that you purchased the vehicle. Do you have any paperwork or a check to show that you paid the seller? Did the seller put your name on the back of the title to show that he sold the vehicle to you? Could you get the seller to work with you and explain the situation to the police? That would provide you with the basis for going to the police. I would also speak wth the DMV and explain that your "friend" obtained the title fraudulently. They may also be able to help you with this.

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