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Can I please have an honest attorney give me the facts the Constitution codes are applicable to me. What happen to my autonomy.

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I am not asking for circular reasoning, arbitrary mean spirited opinions, just facts. See opinions are deletions, distraction and distortions. Facts are reality. I don't want a history lesson. How is being born within some political lines factually make me a political fiction called a citizen and makes the Constitution codes applicable to me. Come on you guy's are Doctors in the Science of Law. Please give me the what, where, who and how 4 pieces of paper are applicable to me? Factually, other than force, coercion, intimidation and violence how did my birth make me a citizen obligated to the Constitution? Is my personal autonomy not my factual freedom? Just asking educated mines that don't think I am retard asking for facts. Is there some conflict with the "Bar" affecting your answers?

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  1. "How is being born within some political lines factually make me a political fiction called a citizen and makes the Constitution codes applicable to me. "

    Because it is. Anyone born within the US is a US citizen.

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  2. There are those things that just are. Here,as in any country in the world, your birth there conveys "citizenship" . While I feel some constraint in offering an opinion as to other places one my exist on this planet, citizenship here come not only with some burdens but also with many priviledges. Should you dislike the burdens more than you enjoy the benefit, Please leave.

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  3. Fact: the interpretation of your legal rights and obligations is made by the judge assigned to the case, and ultimately by the judges on appeal. That is the version that will be enforced by judges, police officers, and prison guards, whether you think it is correct or not. Your opinion, or my opinion, does not change the fact that officials will obey judges, not us.

    Fact: the Fourteenth Amendment to the US Constitution says all persons born or naturalized within the United States are citizens of the United States. The language does not appear to contain any exception. No judge as far as I know has ruled this to be a political fiction.

    Fact: the laws of the US usually apply to both citizens and non-citizens, making the issue of citizenship irrelevant in many cases. For example, Manuel Noriega was convicted of violating US drug laws even though he was not a US citizen, and was actually President of Panama when the US government forcibly abducted him from Panama and put him in a US prison.

    Fact: if anyone could exempt himself from US or state laws by declaring that he was not a citizen, then there would be no effective way of enforcing any law. While that might be all right with you, it is not all right with the judges, and not all right with most of the numerous US citizens and residents who count on the protection of the law. Murder and robbery would be much more common, as would be uncontrolled revenge. The majority apparently believe that a "civil society" governed by laws is better than a "free society" where anyone can do anything he wants until his enemy kills or overpowers him.

    Fact: all governance is based on force and coercion by the government. In some ways, government action is restricted by law. If there were no enforceable laws, then government would be even more powerful than it is now, as there would be no protection against roving bands of government agents performing illegal search, kidnapping, murder, robbery, sexual assault, etc.

    Fact: by leaving the US, a person might find a more hospitable legal environment than he finds in the US, but there is no place on the planet free from government intimidation and violence, except perhaps a few very remote areas that governments have trouble getting to.

    Opinion: disagreeing with the powers that be does not make a person mentally retarded, and a mentally retarded person would be unable to formulate such a complex question as you have asked.

    Good luck.

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  4. You are a citizen if you were born or naturalized in the United States, and while you may disagree, all the courts and all the lawyers think otherwise.

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