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Can I plead not guilty to a paraphernalia charge?

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My friend was driving his car with me in the passengers seat and another friend in the back seat. We stopped for about 5 minutes in a parking lot to call people and the police rolled up. The officer walked up and asked the driver to step out and be searched. She found a pipe for marijuana on him and the person in the back tried to hide his pipe under the seat, but it was found by the officer. I had nothing on me and did not stash anything, yet I recieved a paraphernalia charge as well. Because none of the paraphernalia was on me, can I plead not guilty and get the charge dismissed? I should mention that I was never read my rights or anything and I am 17 years old.

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  1. You can absolutely plea not guilty to this offense. In fact most people do plea this way until at the very least a prosecutor gives a plea deal. There are a lot of possibilities in terms of what you can have done with this. Keep in mind however that going to trial on these can be expensive.

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  2. Yes. You can always plead not-guilty and demand a trial. Depending on how factually correct your rendition of the events is, there are many possible constitutional rights issues with this situation. You should plead not-guilty and seek the advice of a local criminal defense attorney. Good luck.

  3. Of course you can plead "not guilty". Because the goods were not on you, the possession charge should not stick

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