Can I persue a case where inadaquit care was given by a hospital / surgeon ????

Asked almost 2 years ago - Clark, NJ

I recently had surgery. about 2 weeks after the surgery I felt there was something wrong I called and called the Dr and after 8 days finally got an appt which I showed up for, unfortunately HE did not. I called and called leaving messeges about the urgecy but no on called back, Finally went to the ER and was told that I had an infection. Went to a urologist who confirmed the infection and also confirmed I was given inadaquit care.
Now if antibiotcs don't work, i'll need another procedure to correct what the surgeon messed up.
do I have a course of action

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    Answered . New Jersey Medical Malpractice - Post-Surgical Care - Infection - By Patrick Amoresano: I would need to know more about your medical history, type of surgery, source and nature of infection, reason for second procedure, etc.

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    Answered . More information is needed to evaluate. Contact one of the above lawyers in your state to investigate.

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    Answered . Medical malpractice cases are tough cases to prove. Based in the facts you provided, it is not possible to provide an opinion. You should contact an attorney to see if you have a case. Good luck.

    DISCLAIMER: Please be advised that this post is not intended to constitute legal advice and is for informational... more

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