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Can i pay the 10.00 dollars per hr in lieu of 75 hrs of community service

West Palm Beach, FL |

i was given a sheet in dui class that in fla you could pay 10.00 per hr of service

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  1. It is an option allowed by Florida law, but at the discretion of the court. If the court made this option part of your sentence then you will be able to pay $10.00 per community service hour in lieu of performing community service hours. Some courts will allow you to perform some community service hours and pay for the rest. If the court did not make this option available, then you will need to file a motion to modify your probation. I would raise this issue with your probation officer as soon possible.

  2. Typically the answer to this question is yes however speak to your probation officer to see if this option is available to you. Hey may require a court order.

  3. Only if the judge allows it in your sentencing hearing.

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  4. If conversion wasn't ordered at sentencing, you should hire an attorney to file a Motion and ask the judge to modify your sentence.

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