Can I pay a bondsman without need to go to jail for a warrant felony?

I have felony warrant for my arrest in Nc, I got a lawyer and he wants me to turn myself in and pay the bond. I've heard I can pay the bondsman and don't need to turn myself in. Is that true? My lawyer won't explain to me anything I guess he just want my money and that's all it matters to him. Can you help me!!!

Charlotte, NC -

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F. "Bill" William Powers

F. "Bill" William Powers

Criminal Defense Attorney - Charlotte, NC

Listen to your attorney.

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Matthew Vernon Silva

Matthew Vernon Silva

Criminal Defense Attorney - Jacksonville, NC

You have to turn yourself in. After you turn yourself in, you can pay a bondsman to get you out of jail. If you follow your attorney's instructions, you probably can get the whole thing done in a few hours.

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