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Can I or the court make my spouse refinance the house to pay me my equity?

Midlothian, VA |

I was presented with a PSA in February of 2010. Due to the unpleasant atmosphere I moved out. We have been countering on the PSA with regard to how i am to be paid my equity in the marital home. Two appraisals were obtained and the difference is approximately $15K. The Brandenburg method is being used to determine non-marital contributions towards the purchase of the home. I am being countered with "I will pay you 32K over 64 months." Of course, this means my name will continue to be on the mortgage and I would have to sign a quit claim deed. Not gonna happen. I want to split the difference in the 2 appraisals and get my spouse to refinance the home so my name is off of of the mortgage too. It appears my request is being ignored. What are my options?

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I think you asked this question twice. See my prior answer.

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