Can I obtain a pharmacy license with a juvenile record? Advice to what I can do is appreciated as well!

No formal arrest, only citizen arrest by LP, recieved notice to appear citation in mail from sheriffs department told me to go answer to charges when noticed by probation department, probation sent me a letter saying that my citation is dismissed conditionally. I never had any probation, community service, court, nor did I have to meet with sheriff or probation later on. It was pc 484 for 70 dollars worth of things but I never had to go to court to plead to anything and their was not a formal arrest either. Also would this have been reported to DOJ first and then DOJ would report to ncic? I am working towards a pharmacy license, but I want to know if their is any chance of me being licensed? Please be detailed and advice is helpful as well. What can I do about my record?

Sacramento, CA -

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Michael Moshe Levin

Michael Moshe Levin

Criminal Defense Attorney - North Hollywood, CA

Questions on form: Have you ever been convicted? NO. Have you ever been arrested? NO. Have you ever been charged with a crime? NO. Under the facts you've provided, I fail to see where there is a question to which the answer is yes which could interfere. You should consult with an administrative law lawyer who specializes in licensing issues, but should first get your entire file from the juvenile court. That is, if you HAVE a file. If you don't, you're probably OK.

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Christine C McCall

Christine C McCall

Administrative Law Lawyer - Pasadena, CA

See my response to your other post on exactly the same facts.

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Joseph Alexander Paletta

Joseph Alexander Paletta

Criminal Defense Attorney - Pittsburgh, PA

You should consult with an Attorney in your area who has experience working with Health Care Professionals and matters relating to the Administrative side (reporting to the State Board) as well as handling Criminal matters and is familiar with the licensing requirements within your state.

Our office has handled matters such as this but unfortunately only within the state of PA. It is extremely important that you consult with a local Attorney as soon as possible and the explain the situation to them.

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