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Can I not be allowed to see my kid even though I am legally paying child support every month? I did move to another state.

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I moved for stable living purposes and a secure paying job.

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Custody/Visitation are completely separate issues from Child Support. In fact, even if you were not paying, you have a right to your visitation. If you did not work out a interstate visitation schedule before you moved, you need to because your prior order is now meaningless. A standard schedule is a large part of the summer, spring break, 3 day weekends, 1/2 of Xmas break, and alternating Thanksgivings. You should also have the right to visit in the children's home state any time you are able to travel there with reasonable notice. I do not know the distance you moved, so I cannot comment further. Generally you will be responsible for the transportation costs for your visits because you moved, but it is something the Court can consider in reducing your support, since you moved so that you could earn enough to pay support. I would suggest you figure out a schedule that will work for you both with work and cost, and send her a proposal. As long as it is reasonable, if she does not agree, the Court will not be too happy with her if you have to file a motion.

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