Can I move to a different county without violation of probation?

I moved and transferred probation from Howard County IN to Allen County IN a year ago. I'm wanting to move to Huntington in a month. My Allen County PO has been less then helpful and refers any questions to sentencing county. Howard County will not transfer my Probation again according to them because I only have 4 months left. My question is can I move to different county but still report to Allen Co. PO for approx. the last 2-3 months without it violating my probation?

Fort Wayne, IN -

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Randy William Ferguson

Randy William Ferguson

Car / Auto Accident Lawyer - Huntsville, AL

Read your rules of probation or ask your officer. If they say no, then deal with it for four months.

Paul E Knost

Paul E Knost

Criminal Defense Attorney - Tolleson, AZ

You cannot move to a different county unless your probation officer okays it or unless it is specifically allowed by the written terms of your probation. Being on probation means you do not have the same freedom as everyone else.

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