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Can I move out of the state of Florida when I turn 18 and am still on probation?

Dunedin, FL |

I have been charged with 3 misdemeanors, and my probation sentence goes till a few months after I turn 18. I can get early termination but my parents insist that I stay on for the whole sentence even after I turn 18. I receive survivors benefits social security from my dad passing away and it ends on my 18th birthday but I can continue to get it till my 19th birthday if I'm in school. I dropped out of school but am required to attend school till I get off probation and am currently in my junior year. I plan on finishing my senior year in Pennsylvania splitting rent with my older brother while receiving social security and also looking for a job. I just want to transfer my probation up to Pennsylvania and live with my brother. We have talked about the arrangement and he agrees to it.

What I'm really wondering is whether or not I am obligated to stay living with my parents until I get off probation. Or can I file the motion to transfer my probation to PA on my own when I turn 18 without my parents consent?

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    You can file a motion to transfer your probation to PA. You can also file a motion to early terminate your probation at any time. Best of luck.

  2. Transfer of probation from one state to another state is fairly common. Talk to your probation officer about this and he/she will tell you what needs to be done.

  3. To terminate probation early you have to go back to court and have the probation department on your side when you get there, which may happen if you've completed all the terms of supervision. As the other lawyers have mentioned you could transfer it, although with misdemeanor probation it's usually not done. What your parents want is irrelevant unless this happened in juvenile court, where they listen to parents.

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