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Can I move out at 17 in Michigan??? What would the police do if my parents called them??? Would they force me home???

Richland, MI |

I researched laws of Michigan legislature and it seems that all my information is telling me I can move out. I just want to be sure. I would be moving from my current residence of Richland MI to Boyne city MI (not out of state)
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Also I don't want to be emancipated I want to just go....not runaway I'd tell my parents. And most likely they would object. But still all the info I have gotten says I can leave. And id stay in school!!!

Thank you!!! And I lived in boyne city before with my parents visit up there all the time....i want to move out with my friend and her family to finish high school up there and start my life up there.

ALSO! My mom told me multiple times I can get my own apartment down here if I can pay for it. But I want to move

I want to move up north to finish high school there and get a job and start my life up there. Ps I have. A car am getting my license on the 17th this month and have had multiple jobs so I can support myself. I am planning on staying with a friend and her family.

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You need to speak with a Michigan Attorney on the specifics of your plan to live independently of your parents. I believe a formal emancipation would be the best way for you to be able to live independently of them. It may be a situation where some family counselling might be a good idea prior to making a decision. You mention your mother being cooperative with the move, what does your father say about it? What is the reason for not being emancipated? Is it to maintain health insurance? Or do plan on moving out with their continued support? It is a risky strategy for you at this time. There will be issues of signing contracts and your parents' technical right to your earnings if you aren't emancipated.

This is a general answer and does not address the specifics of your individual case. To give the specific answer you need our firm needs you to come in for a consultation.

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I really just want to go and know if it's legal without emancipation. My mom isn't ok with me moving back to boyne city....she ment moving into an apartment around here.

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