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Can I move a mobile home from my property that is under taxes but it doesn't belong to me?

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My sister has lived on my property for a few years and recently she has moved up state and abandoned the mobile home. I have decided that I want to move her mobile home in order to place one there for me and my family to live. She owes taxes on the property which is still hers, the county has put it up for sale, but I just want to move it out of the way to place mine until they sell it for the taxes owed. Now the county doesn't want me to move it unless the taxes are paid. I thought that my rights to my property entitled me to do what I please with my own land. I have no desire to keep the mobile home so I will not pay the taxes but I need it moved immediately in order to proceed with the installation of my own mobile home.

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I am a business/tax lawyer and have no clue as to the answer to your specific question about right to relocate -- but it is intriguing to say the least. What I have done, however, is add multiple categories that I think an answer could be obtained from an avvo lawyer who would be experienced in real estate and/or Landlord Tenant matters. the question that comes to me is do you have a duty to protect another's property (arguably the town because of creditor status) because it is a municipality or can you consider the town to be trespassing on your property to the extent the mobile home is essentially their property at this stage. Perhaps the answer may be that you give notice to the town to remove their property and give them an appropriate timeframe with the message that if they do not remove the mobile home then you will do whatever you please as you have no duties (ergo my thought on similar parallels to what landlords must encounter when a tenant vacates and leaves their property behind).

My answer is not intended to be giving legal advice and this topic can be a complex area where the advice of a licensed attorney in your State should be obtained.

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Thanks for your point of view. I now know that I need to get an lawyer to advise me how to properly inform them to move the mobile home. I have stressed to them that it isnt worth the 2000 in taxes that they seek. I have even offered to tear it down and give the profits towards the taxes owed only to move another home on my property for my family. I only want to move the mobile home so that I can access my septic tank and light pole. They can have the mobile home for all I care. Again I say thanks for the insight.

John P Corrigan

John P Corrigan


You're welcome and best of luck to you.

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