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Can I marry someone that's in immigration.

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My boyfriend is in immigration he already had his bond hiring but sense it came out to high I want to know if marring him helps we been together for the past year and half we lived together so basically it makes it common law the bond came out to be $12,000.00 I don't have that money or credit to get a bondsman to help he has court on the 16 of next month and his lawyer said that if I cant get the money he is forced to sign the deportation form I don't know if this is true please help I don't want him to get deported and I want to marry him to see if that helps??

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There is no longer common law marriage in nearly all the US States. Marrying him will not result in bond. Obtains a visa for him can cost over a thousand, perhaps two thousand in USCIS Government filing fees, alone.

If you cannot afford an attorney, then it is unclear that you sponsor him for a visa, which creates additional complications.

You may need to make some tough choices, such as emigrating to his home country. Good luck.

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That is a VERY HIGH bond.

That makes me think that your BF has more than just being in the US 'illegal' as a problem ... Criminal Conviction perhaps???????

We can't help you find bond money.

Keep in touch with his lawyer.

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Yes, you can marry someone who is detained. Yes, there is common law marriage in Texas. However, his bond most likely WON'T change if you marry him.

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