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Can I marry my boyfriend when we have a criminal no contact order in Colorado?

Grand Junction, CO |

We commited a felony together and the order is in place until sentencing at the end of January. We can have contact only if it pertains to custody of our son. We went and got a marriage license today and want to get married before next court date. Can we do this?

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  1. You can get married, but you will be violating the no contact order and run a significant risk of being prosecuted. Do you really want to risk spending time in jail rather than wait until the restraint is lifted?

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  2. It would appear that you've already violated the Restraining Order by going together to get the marriage license, as that contact had nothing to do with custody of your son. If you get married during this process, you will violate the restraining order a second time. You definitely should wait until after the order has been modified. You will spend the rest of your lives together, there is no need to complicate your wedding plans. Also, you should be extremely careful about sharing details of you situation on a public forum when you might be identified.

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  3. You could ask for modification of the no contact order. However, I would advise not to make an statements that would be against your interest.

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