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Can I make an appointment with the Judge & talk to him before I go to court without a lawyer? If not, can I, Lawyer, DA & judge

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I have 2 misdiminor DWI's & got another one & been charged with a felony DUI. District attorney is going back to 1 DWI to one that I got in 1986. I was 18yrs old & still in school. Judge said to the DA (or you kidding me we are going back that far)? DA is offering me 4yrs. TDC & we pick druy in 2 weeks if we do not agree.

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The rules of judicial ethics prohibit a judge talking privately about the substance of the case with one side (the defendant in your case) without the other side present.

So, a judge is very, very, unlikely to speak with you privately alone.

Do you have a lawyer? I sure hope so. DWI is a very technical sort of case. And, there are also technicalities in proving that a defendant has prior convictions.

If you do not have a lawyer now, do not let tomorrow go by without speaking with a good criminal defense lawyer.

As far as everyone sitting down together, that is very unlikely. Conferences between the prosecutor, defense lawyer, and judge to discuss what to do sometimes happen. But, that is rare in most counties. Again, do you have a lawyer yet. If not, you need to get one. If you can't afford one, you really need to ask the court to appoint one.

And, if you have a lawyer now, you should be asking him or her these questions.

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You need a lawyer immediately. The judge is not allowed to meet with you and discuss the case. If you can not afford a lawyer apply for court appointed counsel.

Robert Guest is a Kaufman County Criminal Defense Lawyer with offices is Forney, Texas, Irving, Texas and Kaufman, Texas. We do not have an attorney-client relationship. My use of Avvo is not intended to form an attonrey-client relationship. Avvo is a limited forum and should never be used as a replacement for a consultation with a local lawyer. My answers are not legal advice. You really need a consultation with a local attorney. Do that before making any important decisions.

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