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Can I Magistrate, Judge or Court order (force) the use of third party vendor for communication purposes?

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The opposing counsel suggested the use of a third party company for communication purposes. This company is called Family Wizard and it isn't a free service. The reason the attorney suggested this was to prevent slandering comments coming from my ex-wife. The judge agreed with it, and most likely it would be included within his report. My Attorney mention to the judge that I wouldn't like to pay for such service and that if they want me to use, they would have to pay for it. However, nothing was really said about it.
1) Can a court forced someone to use a private company for communication purposes?
2) All of these information can be monitored by both Attorneys and even the court. Where does the right of privacy falls into?
I can't imagine that it is legal for the court to force someone

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The Court can order you to use ourfamilywizard if there is high conflict between the parents and it is in the best interests of the child. If you cannot afford the yearly membership they do offer scholarships, I would recommend checking into that.


Your attorney talked about this and you do not like it. Well, then do not do it. Yes the court can order this.

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The judge can order the use the Family Wizard and in more serious cases the appointment of a Parent Coordinator for dispute resolutions and recommendation to the court for orders.
The information is not monitored by the attorneys and the judge is only likely to review it if there is a dispute. The advantage is that it is a great incentive to display your best behavior.


Yes, the judge can order you to utilize OurFamilyWizard for communication purposes. I have had the same ordered by Judges in quite a few cases. To be frank, I think that the Wizard is a wonderful program for high conflict as well as low conflict divorces. I would suggest that language be included that requires the use of the wizard program as the exclusive form of communication, excepting cases in which the use of the program would be impractical or in an emergency. I would also suggest that each party should check into the Wizard on a daily basis (you can download the program to your smartphone) and be required to respond to parenting inquiries of the other party within 24 hours of the receipt of the same.

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