Can I lose custody of child because I got a DWI - misdemenor - 1st offense.

Asked almost 5 years ago - Harrisonburg, VA

My husband and I were together at the time of my DUI - since then got pregnant - he says not his - but it is - we are now getting a divorce and he says he can get custody of daughter because I got a DUI about 5 months ago - it was my first offense. He now says that I am a day to day drunk - which is untrue -

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  1. Timothy Kevin Wilson


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    Answered . The mere fact that you were convicted of a DUI would not likely cause a court to take away custody of your child. In the end, when determining questions regarding child custody, the court attempts to decide what is in the best interest of the child in question. Of course, involvement with courts and issues of substance abuse are factors which will be considered by the court because they can impact the ability of the parent to provide the best, most healthy environment for the child. The court will not simply accept an allegation that you are a "day to day drunk". However, if there is proof of continued use of alcohol it could raise concern for the court.

    I encourage you to consult with lawyers who specialize in the area of divorce and child custody for more specific information.

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  2. Lance George Miyatovich

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    Answered . The fact that you have one misdemeanor conviction on your record and that it is a DUI would not prevent you from having custody of your child. If you are currently the primary caretaker of your child and are doing a good job of raising your daughter then the court will not take custody away from you based upon unsubstantiated allegations that you are a drunk. If you had an alcohol evaluation in conjunction with your DUI and the evaluation indicated that you did not have a problem with alcohol this will be good evidence to refute you husbands allegations.

    Good Luck

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