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Can I legally stop my soon-to-be ex husband from emotionally, mentally, and financial abusing my children and me? It is extreme.

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Tried for a GAL, social, etc. - denied. There's ongoing substantial and severe bullying. The abuse will not stop after dissolution. Are there any legal (civil/criminal) avenues of relief I can take post-divorce? Our kids have significant med/mental special needs, my ex has violated my privacy computer hacking and tracking my vehicle, etc. He sends his g/f's items home with the kids belongings, he tells the kids to keep secrets from me by saying 'if mommy knows I will get in trouble and you don't want to hurt me do you?' Our young kids cry to me bc they see him and his g/f engage in sexually inappropriate behavior repeatedly. Kids tell me things that happen by their dad that are mentally abusive, confusing, and hurtful to them and I cannot prove it bc ex denies it. I feel helpless.

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  1. Since there is an immediate need, please seek an attorney in your area who can provide you with some assistance on your children's abuse issues. You may also want to see if there are any agencies in your area, either state/county or non-profit, that provide assistance to abused women and children. Abuse is not limited to battered physically or sexually but emotionally as well (which you are, please do not deny this and hurt yourself.) They would be in a better position than an attorney answering on a forum to know what resources are available for you, knowing the local laws that can help you, and to point you perhaps to a trusted attorney. Please seek this assistance as soon as you can.

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  2. Have you been representing yourself in the applications for GAL, social ect.? Psychological Abuse is one of the most difficult problems to deal with legally. Too many folks have cried wolf in order to gain an advantage, real or perceived. Many officials are sceptical of such claims for that reason. Also, information from the children presents difficult evidence and ethical questions. You will need a long term strategy and good counsel.

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