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Can I legally remove my ex-wife from my health insurance 4 years after divorce?

Providence, RI |

My divorce decree states that I am to cover my ex and child on my health insurance. Regarding my ex, there is no end date on the decree. I now have been in a relationship for 3 years with another woman, and we have a child on the way. I would like to continue coverage for my first child, but also cover my new child and girlfriend on my family plan. I have already discussed with the insurance company who will agree to cover my girlfriend with some additional documentation, but I do not want to remove my ex-wife if it is not legal. Ex wife is eligible for a single comparable plan through her own employer, but says she doesn't want to pay for it.

Attorney Answers 3

  1. The language of the divorce decree will control. If it says you provide it and there is no end date, then you are obligated to provide it.

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  2. I agree with Attorney Majeski. The language of the divorce decree will control. If the language is ambiguous, you may want to seek clarification and/or modification from the Family Court. Good luck.

  3. Here is some Guidance on the LAW ... The Rhode Island health Insurance Continuation act written by a local attorney.

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