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Can I leave the country when I overstay visa still under the age of 18 With DACA and advanced parole can they deny re-entry?

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I'm under 18 and overstayed my visa I got approved for DACA I want the advanced parole to travel internationaly but I recently heard they can deny you re-entry is this possible?

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  1. Yes, any time you contemplate to travel abroad under the Advance Parole as a DACA receipient your re entry to the Unirted States is not assured or guaranteed. Please discuss further with your counsel of record locally.

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  2. No. They will not deny reentry if you have advance parole.

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  3. First, Advance Parole for people with a grant of DACA is not easy to obtain. Even if you didn't have an attorney help with your DACA papers .. it is wise to get one now ... in addition to being difficult to obtain, THERE ARE RISKS.

    Yes, one of the risks is that you could be refused return to the US. Another risk is that you may be admitted to the US in a 'lesser' classification than when you left.

    Plus, at least at this time, CIS has announced that if a DACA person is admitted on AP. they can't adjust status to become a permanent resident.

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  4. Returning to the United States may be denied, however, if you have advanced parole and have no other significant issues other than the overstay with DACA And advanced parole you will likely be readmitted.. Speak with your attorney before traveling outside United States.


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