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Can I kick my girlfriend out of my house?

Appleton, WI |

My girlfriend has been living with me for two years. We broke up and now she won't leave. We do have a child together that we have joint custody of. Can I just give her verbal warning to get out and change the locks. She has never paid anything to live there.

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I just want to be clear, You're asking for free information about how to kick the mother of your children onto the street. Do I have that right?

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Ok. That sounds bad. We cannot live together anymore. She has been threatening and very verbally abusive towards me while my daughter is around. I have offered to help her find a place to live and help her financially. I even told her we can wait until child support is established. I have been told I would have to evict her and I will never see my daughter again. That is the censored version of what she told me.



Also I do have joint legal custody/placement and we plan to keep it that way.

Alexander Mchenry Memmen

Alexander Mchenry Memmen


I'm sorry to hear that things have gotten so bad. If you haven't already, I would talk to a family attorney. You may have to go through an eviction process, but I would not recommend simply changing the locks.

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