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Can I kick my 18 year old out of the house if he is still attending High School?

Toano, VA |
Filed under: Family law

My child will turn 18 in a few days but will not graduate from High School until June. He is under the impression that he can do whatever he pleases once he turns 18. What options do I have to enforce rules in my house? Can I legally kick him out if he does not obey them?

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    At 18 he "legally" is an adult with all of the rights and responsibilities that come with it. You have the right to tell him that if he wants to stay in your house, he has to follow your rules. If he refuses, you can evict him.

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  2. Once he turns 18 years of age, he goes from being a child living in your house to a guest in your house. He can do whatever he pleases at his new residence.