Can I keep communication with my ex solely via email and or text.?

I have continuously said verbally , via text , verbally , etc . . . to my ex to communicate with me in regards to our child age 10 , strictly via text message and or email . NO Phone calls unless its an extreme emergency ! ! ! Due to the fact that it is impossible to have a civil conversation with her , I rather it be sent to me via text message or email as I requested to her numerous times , which she persist on calling . I want all communication kept on record . Because all she does if I decide to pick up the call is badger , insult , degrade , and also begin to make insults about my finance . Which none of the above has to do with out daughter , Its personal . So is it possible , to get that in writing in a court order to keep the communication electronically & only keep them regarding our child

Los Angeles, CA -

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Shazad Z Omar

Shazad Z Omar

Family Law Attorney - Diamond Bar, CA

This statement is a bit confusing considering the type of arrangement that has been set by previous order allowing for flexibility between the parties. Normally, the agreement is what dictates if there are any disputes between the verbal agreement between the parties.

During situations where there is abusive language being used between the parents, it is common for the court to compel the parties to use third party software for communication purposes, such as family wizard. These matters are difficult to discuss due to the complexity of the matters involved. It would be wise to discuss with a family law attorney to best promote your interests.

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Rhonda Diane Ellifritz

Rhonda Diane Ellifritz

Child Custody Lawyer - Santa Ana, CA

I regularly write orders for Our Family Wizard to be the main mode of communication except in emergencies. OFW also allows the court to review the conversation should it be necessary. For further information, visit

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