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Can I just drop my workers comp case.

Garden Grove, CA |

I cant handle my lawyer or the stress. The one doc refused me because of my medical issues. Doc 2 is subpar doctor. I dont really have a doctor yet. I was told to stop all my appts I had set up. Yet, no doctor to go to. I have great insurance. I dont know why I am doing this. I wish I had never walked in and I did it because many other lawyers told me to. I followed there advice. I have no one to talk to, definitely not my lawyer, and I just want out of this mess so I can continue my medical treatment. Workers Comp just seems like a huge process to stop you getting treatment. Can I just drop it? Am I right in thinking that Workers Comp will just hinder me getting good healthcare, and I need some serious health matters resolved, this involves me ever walking properly.

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  1. you are correct the work comp system has now been designed to stifle all medical treatment - it is an awful system for those who are truly in need of medical care - the good news is you are not alone this is happening to paraplegic clients of mine as well as amputees - if you drop the wc case you need to be careful because your health insurance may not cover you because this was a wc injury

    we will not take any action on this case until we have a signed retainer agreement

  2. Workers compensation is a frustrating system, made worse by the insurance companies taht seek to deny treatment and hope people become as frustrated as you have become. If you dont feel taht you can talk to your attorney then it is not a good attorney client relationship. You should be able to have this conversation with them.
    You can drop the case a variety of ways but you need to speak to your attorney or another one about how best to do this. There are many good Calif attys that answer here so find one that you can get a "second opinion" with by using the find a lawyer feature. Best of luck going forward.

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  3. Yes, you can drop the case, but as others noted, it may affect your private insurance. It saddens me that you cannot even discuss this with your lawyer. We are supposed to be counselors and advise clients how to endure the litigation process. Your health must come first, so if you can get better care privately, do that. You may be able to do that and still maintain the comp case and the right to permanent disability rating, retraining funds, etc.

  4. There is not reason to drop your case. You can treat on your own and still once you are done resolve your WC case, but you probably wont get reimbursed for your out-of-pocket expenses.

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