Can I import car to mainland China? What is the process?

My cousin think buy a car from American is cheaper than China. So she asks me to find out what is the process to buy a car to ship to china? What documents should I need to do that? What are the procedures?

Oceanside, CA -

Attorney Answers (2)

Scott Richard Kaufman

Scott Richard Kaufman

Contracts / Agreements Lawyer - Los Altos, CA

Your cousin is likely correct. The problem is car companies do not want you to do this and I do believe they have hurdles set up to stop it.

Todd Matthew Heine

Todd Matthew Heine

Business Attorney - Seattle, WA

Pretty straightforward: buy the car in the US, maintain proper documentation, use a shipping company to send car to china, pay duties in China, register car in China. These import-export issues are surprisingly simple through an established shipping company.

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