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Can I help my brother and his wife get their kids back?

Lindenhurst, NY |

My brother and his wife are trying to get their kids back from her aunt that has them right now, they are doing everything asked of them classes, passing all drug tests and still her aunt is telling lies to the cps and judge and social workers and they seem to believe her and I know she is just doing this for government money , my brother wants his kids back so bad and his wife they cry all the time and April 10 we will find out what happens we are in ny,,as their aunt can I interfere with this adoption process in anyway ?is their anything my brother and his wife can do more? Their lawyer didn't help them much in this process, please tell me every path we can take please help us,,what can we do?

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Your brother is apparently sufficiently satisfied with his attorney since they have kept his representation. That attorney is guiding your brother and will answer your brother's questions including his options. You have no apparent standing to be involved in the matter, but may wish to speak with your brother to be better informed.

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My brother paid him already so that's why he is sticking with him because he paid a lot and can pay another but the entire time he told him not to worry and now he is telling him chances look bAd,,I wish I could appeal the aunt of adopting these kids.


I agree, you have no standing to intervene in this matter. At a contested adoption trial, one hopes the truth will come out, although I assume there is more to this. If money is the thing keeping your brother from changing attorneys, perhaps you can help him in that way.

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