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Can I Have contact with inmates while in foster care ?

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i am a 17 year old foster kid and i have a boyfriend who is in prison , do i have the right to write him or talk to him ?

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You have the rights your foster parents give you. If they know about that--they should put a stop to it. You'll be 18 in a minute and have the right to make all the bad choices you want then. In the meantime think about what type of relationship and person you deserve as a partner in the future.

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Your foster parents get to make that call. My guess is that they will say no.

Focus on relationships with people your own age who are available, as in 1) free to see you and go on dates, 2) not married or committed to someone else, and 3) emotionally ready to be a supportive partner. I think your boyfriend will fall short on at least one of those. You deserve all three.

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You should run this by your foster parents and see what they have to say about it.

You have the free will to do whatever you would like, but there will always be consequences. Boyfriends that are not in the big house will generally make a better impression on foster parents and the community in general.

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thank all of you for your feedback .. I appreciate it very much but one thing I would like to say on behalf of my boyfriend .... I honestly don't care what my foster parents think of him , I don't think I need there impression on him because when I had nothing .. he was there , he was the only person helping me get back in school , he actually called cps for me so that I can fix my life , I know he is in jail but for PAST altercations ... I just don't like people judging him but thanks again .