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Can i have a roommate arrested for smoking weed in the house or do i risk myself being in trouble as well?

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Last night as i was laying in bed with my husband my roommates came home late. when i walked out into the living room they reaked of weed. Today when i came home i could smell it again so i know they had to be smoking while we were gone. He already has a drug charge on file. He knows it is not allowed in our house. Due to health issues i cant be around it. The problem is he is my husbands brother, and my husband and i are the only ones who signed the lease. If i call the police will i risk getting my husband and myself into trouble? Because if i get into trouble i loose both my college scholarships.

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If your roommate is committing a crime, even if he is your brother-in-law, then yes, you can have him arrested. If he has recently been through the criminal justice system, he may still be on probation, and if he is smoking marijuana, he would certainly be in violation. A call to his probation officer may be all you need to do.

Most leases hold you are responsible for the guests you allow into your leased premises, and if they commit crimes while in your home, then you can be found in violation of your lease. Should the landlord find out, he could terminate your lease, and require you all to move out.

Since you are now aware of a problem, it is up to you to take some action. Calling the police will not necessarily get you into trouble, but if the police are called by, say, a neighbor who smells marijuana, then that may impact negatively your tenancy.

I hope this answer has been of some help to you, and I wish you the best of luck.

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