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Can I have a reckless driving speeding ticket expunged?

Woodbridge, VA |

In November of 2009 I received a reckless driving speeding ticket and was ordered by the court to spend 2 days in jail. Is there anyway I can have this offense expunged from my record?

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No. Virginia law relating to expungement does not allow expungement of records relating to offenses for which the person was found guilty.

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Agree with Kevin; however, because you apparently received a ticket and were not arrested for the Reckless Driving, you will not have an arrest record as a result of this incident. DMV only maintains the Reckless Driving conviction on your driving record for a limited number of years and the District Court that convicted you is not a court of record, so in a number of years the record of the conviction will be destroyed. In other words, in time, you stand a good chance for the record of this conviction to no longer exist

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However, if you are asked if you are ever asked on an application if you were ever convicted of a crime, you must answer yes. You were convicted of a Class 1 misdemeanor.

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