Can I have a lawyer investigate a possible state fraud issue with child support?

My child support case is complicated. I have an intergovernmental case with Indiana and Arizona, as I lived in Az at the time. I now live in TN, and have been trying to get my case transferred here, and AZ/IN both are giving me the run-around. My monthly payment is supposed to be 60/ per week, but I have been told 3-4 separate totals for the order and am refused my order even before I had moved out of state. This is ridiculous, as it is IMPOSSIBLE to raise a child on 112/monthly. Especially one with minor issues that need extra care. I need to know what I can do as I am over the bull from states lying to me. I already asked about a modification that AZ said yes to and never did....

Knoxville, TN -

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David Craig Lee

David Craig Lee

Medical Malpractice Attorney - Knoxville, TN

You need to simply this matter by (1) organizing all the orders, letters, and documents, and (2) you need to hire a lawyer to further simply the case.

Based upon what you've written here, I don't perceive the fraud you're referring to. To me, it sounds like bureaucracy.

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Patti Jon Burton Garner

Patti Jon Burton Garner

Divorce / Separation Lawyer - Gallatin, TN

Unfortunately, this sounds like intergovernmental bureaucracy....

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