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Can i go with my husband when he goes and picks his daughther up from his ex's house ?

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My husband everyweekend goes and picks his daughter up from her house the only thing is that every time he drops his daughter and me in a store before he goes and picks her because his ex has tell him that she dosent want me to get close to her apartment or close to her so she dosent know that we go along with them . And then afterwords she tell my husband to buy her pampers an bottles because she dont have any after that my husband gives her childsupport every two weeks he gives her 300 . What can we do ?

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I'm not sure what you are asking. No other attorney has attempted to help you so I'll try. If I'm off base, I apologize in advance...

Does your husband pay court ordered child support? I cannot understand if he is paying child support and giving her an additional $300. Or if he is giving her $600 per month in child support. I'm sorry - I'm confused.

He needs to hire a private attorney and get court ordered child support and visitation. He needs to quit "playing" by her rules.

I don't recommend that he go to the TX A G office because they only care about collecting child support. Also, they will set up visitation using their standard visitation and he won't get to see the child every week-end like he is doing now.

If he has TX A G papers, then he needs to take the papers to a private attorney and have the attorney explain everything to him. It's worth paying for an hour of an attorney's time to see if an attorney can help him.

He needs to have proof that he is seeing the child every week-end so that he can prove to the judge that the current visitation should continue and not change to the Texas standard possession order.

I'm sure once she is served with papers she will get angry and immediately stop visits. If he is not ordered to currently pay her child support, he can immediately stop giving her money until they go to court.

It sounds like he loves his daughter and wants what is best for her. Therefore, he needs to talk to an attorney in person and go into detail about what is going on. It's impossible to go into detail on this website.

You are in Houston. The Harris County family law judges are used to seeing exactly the type of case that you describe here. There is nothing unusual about your case. You just need to document what is going on.

Technically she cannot control you being in the car. It does not sound like you are making any trouble. If you just sit in the car and don't do anything then you are ok. However, if you and the Mom get into a fight and one of you gets arrested then that would be bad. None of you need the police called or the child seeing any "drama". If you think there will be "drama" then don't go over there. You sound like a smart woman. Avoid drama.

I hope this answer is helpful to you.

Houston has plenty of good family law attorneys. Many offer free consultations. So look on this excellent website and find one. Good luck.

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