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Can i go to jail my first dwi.

Houston, TX |

My bond has been revoked i have a warrent for my arrest i have court this month my first dwi every but im not sure if i will be able to accept probation to avoid going to jail again because i didnt totally comply with the supervised pretrial.

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    The answer to this question is very case and court specific. There are many factors that play into whether a person with a DWI 1st will serve jail time as a condition in Harris County. You will need to address the fact that you have a warrant before your next court date or you will be taken into custody on that day. Specifically how you failed to comply with the terms of your pretrial release bond will also determine whether or not the district attorneys office will offer a probation and if so, whether the judge will accept that plea bargain. Another factor that will be considered as well is other prior criminal history. My suggestion to you is to become completely compliant with your pretrial release supervision terms, post a note or bond for your current warrant, and retain an attorney with knowledge specific to Harris County. good luck!

  2. It certainly is not a good spot to be in. However, even with the best of circumstances, you can be jailed on your 1st DWI. You definitely need a DWI Attorney to act as a go-between and take some of the heat off of you that you can't do yourself.

  3. You can certainly be jailed, the question is whether the facts in your case actually justify it. Best to get an attorney of handle the matter.

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  4. Speak to an accredited TX DWI defense attorney as quickly as you can. He or she can fully answer your questions and advise you as to what you need to do.

  5. You absolutely can to to jail on a first-offense DUI/DWI. Whether or not you will depends on many factors, including your record, your blood alcohol level and the police officer's observations.

    Be sure to talk to a local DUI/DWI attorney right away and learn what your options are.