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Can I go to jail for my expired driver's license?

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I got pulled over because my passenger didn't have his seat belt on. We were both asked for ID but my license has been expired for almost two years now. I have not been able to get it renewed because I'm going through a process with my green card. I have asked my immigration lawyer for some kind of paper so I can renew my license but nothing has worked. I've never been arrested before or been in any kind of trouble. Will I have to jail time now?

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This type of offense is punishable by jail time however its very unlikely that you will receive any jail time associated with this type of offense. The fact that you have no prior criminal history will be a great benefit. However, you should work to obtain a valid DL. Obtaining a valid drivers license will allow your attorney to obtain a much more favorable resolution. You should contact contact a criminal lawyer to asisst. Furthermore, I recommend contacting the DMV and ask them specifically what documents you may need while your green card application.
Jay Rooth

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It is not likely that you will do any jail time, but you may have to pay a fine and court costs. Whatever happens, though, try to get the adjudication withheld. Your lawyer will know what that means. I agree with the other lawyers, try to get your license back before you get to court.

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