Can i go by my self ? do i have to bring my parent ? can i just bring a friend to me to court? thats older

Asked about 2 years ago - Norcross, GA

I took alot of stuff the total was 274.10 worth of cosmetics . they watched me they said and when i was leaving the cop comes running around the corner and said come with me . went with him , i was in tears they had the people who are undercover watching on the floor . i was in tears , its embarrasing and everything else . I got a citation ticket , walmart didnt ban me from all their stores , they took my picture , i didnt get arrested ( thank you God) , I am 17 :/ , I live in Georgia . My court date is next month, I dont plan on telling my dad . my boyfriend and good friend will help with payments plus my babysitting job.

will this come off my record?
What will i have to do ?
how much do you think i have to pay for everything?
how long is probation ?
can i enroll in a class

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  1. Noah Howard Pines


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    Answered . I believe you posted this question last week. You need a lawyer to help you with this case. If you don't hire a lawyer and just enter a guilty plea this case will impact the rest of your life.

  2. Daniel Ellis Rice

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    Answered . First, I strongly advise that you tell your father, because he may end up finding out one way or the other. Second, in order of asking: (1) depending on the disposition of the case, and esp. if the prosecutor consents, you may be able to get an expungement of the case from your criminal history, but if you get a conviction, you won't be able to get an expungement; (2) At court, you may have arraignment (if you haven't already) -- they will read the charge against you, ask how you plead (guilty, not guilty, or possibly no contest), and depending on how you plead (e.g., not guilty) that will determine whether you get a new court date or if they possibly go ahead and sentence you at that time; (3) re: restitution, you may only have to pay the total amount that was stolen, but for restitution to be ordered, a hearing must first be held; (4) Considering your criminal history, the facts of the case, etc., you may get probation for up to 1 yr at most, though I have a feeling that community service may also be ordered; (5) as this involves theft, depending on the jurisdiction and court, you may be ordered to attend a theft prevention class. Last, I strongly advise that you hire a criminal defense attorney. Good luck.

  3. Glen Edward Ashman


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    Answered . You need to tell your father and because the wrong outcome could make you unemployable for life, witha theft charge on your record, you need a lawyer. In some courts, judges may require a minor to bring a parent, or may have your case go better with a parent there.

    Do not deal with this alone! Good luck.

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  4. Ikemesit Amajak Eyo

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    Answered . You need to tell your custodial parent (your question makes it appear that must be your dad). Your boyfriend is not in a position to advise or help you. Your parent, however, may be able to help you get an attorney appointed to represent you.

    The implication of my first paragraph... you need to get an attorney. Whether your case is in juvenile court or magistrate/state court, you should qualify to have an attorney appointed. Only an attorney, working with the prosecution, can answer your other questions definitively.

    You made one mistake (taking the items). Please don't make another by trying to hide this from your parent. There is more at stake then just the money.

    (By the way, your question has nothing to do with Family Law. It is either a Criminal Defense or a Juvenile Law issue. I've changed the Practice area accordingly.)

    I hope this information helps answer your question(s).

    ~ Kem Eyo

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