Can I go back to court to have alimony lower or removed?

Asked about 1 year ago - New Haven, CT

I just wanted to get out of the marriage. She had quit a bit of money in her account from her inheritance when her mother passed. I was under a lot of mental stress. Now I have to pay her $150 a week for 4 years. She makes more money an hour then I do. I work more hours so I make more. But she has no debit I have almost $20k.

Attorney answers (2)

  1. Brian S Karpe

    Contributor Level 13

    Answered . Whether you can return to court to have alimony changed is entirely dependent on what the court ordered in the final decree. If the alimony ordered was not modifiable (either duration, amount or both), you cannot go back to court to change it.

    Brian S. Karpe, Esq. (860) 242-2221 Note: This response DOES NOT constitute legal advice and therefore no... more
  2. Uswah Ayesha Khan

    Contributor Level 7

    Answered . Your divorce decree is the best place to start. Does it say Modifiable alimony? Lifetime alimony? Alimony for x years or for x amount? Your next best place would be to file a Motion to Modify alimony. The court's threshold for modification is however "substantial change in circumstances" (for your income or hers).

    Good luck!

    This answer is not intended or offered as legal advice, and thus the reader should not rely on any information... more
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