Can I go after my wife and a battered women shelter if my wife lied to them , by saying I beat her ?

Asked 2 months ago - Morrow, GA

my wife went to a battered women shelter and told them that I beat her up, because we were going to divorce. so she did this to get me out of the house by lying on me. There is no pic's or any kind of physical harm to her because I never hit her in the 25yrs of marriage. so can I bring charges against my wife and suite the women agency for helping her get me kicked out my own house ?

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  1. John Arnold Steakley

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    Answered . You can't sue the women's shelter for believing her. That's what they are supposed to do: believe women. As for your wife, you might have some sort of claim IF she admitted it, but otherwise it's your word against hers about what did and didn't happen.

  2. Angela Mary Kinley


    Contributor Level 12

    Answered . Did your wife make these statements under oath? If so, she could be subject to perjury if she later admitted that she lied. However, if these were just statements made to a battered women's shelter, I doubt that you have any recourse. It is not uncommon for parties to abuse the legal system during divorce matters. False claims of abuse are utilized by less than ethical people in an attempt to gain an advantage in the divorce matter but there is little or nothing that can be done against them, even if the allegations are proven false. You may be able to use the false statements as a basis for an award of attorney's fees if the false statements unnecessarily expanded the litigation.

  3. Glen Edward Ashman


    Contributor Level 20

    Answered . Almost certainly not. What you should have already done is hired your criminal and divorce lawyer to respond to the charges.

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