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Can I get unemployment benifits in Oregon, if I was fired from my job, they say I stole something.

Portland, OR |

I am currently on paid admin leave, and find out on Monday if they are going to fire me, which I did not stea anything.

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  1. You can likely qualify for Unemployment Insurance benefits in Oregon, so long as your employer isn't able to demonstrate and prove that you were fired "for cause."

    If you're denied UI benefits by the Employment Department after you're terminated, you have the right to appeal the decision to an ALJ (typically a phone hearing).

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  2. If you are fired for theft, your unemployment benefits claim may be denied. As Mr. Parks pointed out, if your benefits are denied, you can request a hearing. If you do not steal anything, do not sign something for your employer which says you did. A signed admission of a theft is evidence that your discharge was for misconduct, which disqualifies you from receiving unemployment benefits.

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