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Can I get these charges dropped?

Atlanta, GA |

Okay im 16 my boyfriend is 20 now my parents got the idea we had sex when I was 15 because of facebook messages, which we really didnt,, we had talked about sex on there and even acted like I was pregnant so his ex GF would get the idea and leave him alone, i have some deleted facebook messages that said to act like we have sex and act like your pregnant to try to make his ex jealous, those messages was deleted but after i saved them first so his ex woulndt think we were playing and that i really was pregnant, he was charged he pleaded not guilty, no officers got a statement from me they only talked to my parents however i did go to a care cottege thing and I did say i was 15 because I wanted to get it over with and i didnt know she was recording me.

If an officer had asked me or question me I would have said the truth 16, He has preliminary coming up and i have been sebpuena andhave to testify, im going to tell the truth that I was 16 and that i have proof from deleted facebook messages to prove it. Will the DA drop the charges or be an ass and have him plea to a lesser charge, I want these charges dropped, what can I expect? thanks

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  1. You cannot "drop" the case. Your boyfriend needs an experienced lawyer. That lawyer should be able to design an effective strategy to help your boyfriend. Please call me if you have any additional questions. 404-812-4305.

  2. I agree with counsel's response, the state will not dismiss a sex case based on your factual pattern. Your boyfriend should contact a local attorney or the previous attorney's phone number for a consultation.

  3. Talk about this with your boyfriend's lawyer. And if he does not have one, he needs to get one, as Mr. Pines stated.

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  4. The prosecutor's office is who may decide if the charges should be dropped. Your boyfriend need an experienced trial attorney to represent him in this matter. Please feel free to give our office a call at 404-636-6616 if you would like to discuss this matter further.

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