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Can I get rid of a perminate restraining order that I put on my childs father 9 years ago?

Englewood, CO |

I had gotten a perminate restraining order on my childs father 9 yrs ago. We haven't been in a relationship since, but we share custody of our son. We have had some phone contact over the years and since then he has married, been a good father and I have had not been threatened in any way. He is now going for a position in his company to work at DIA and the background check isn't working in his favor because of that court order. I told him I would see if I can get that dropped if there is a way can you please tell me what to do? I originally went down to the Littleton Court House and it was easy to get that approved, I just had to tell the Judge what happened and it was done. I should have considered a temporary restaining order instead knowing that we have a child to raise together.

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If you would like to terminate the restraining order you could file a motion with the Court and indicate that you would like the order teminated for the reasons you state. If you both agree you could file a stipulation requesting that the restraining order be dismissed.

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