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Can I get rid of a FTA on A minor in possesion of alcohlol (from 10 yrs ago) without going to court again?

Detroit, MI |

I got a ticket in MI about 10 yrs ago for Minor in Posssesion of Alcohol. The judge ordered me to go to a program and return to court. I never finished the program and never went back. I probably have an outstanding warrant. What is the best way to correct this? I live in a different state and would really prefer to just pay a fine and not return to court. Is this something I should use use a lawyer for? thanks

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Generally speaking, failing to appear for a criminal proceeding will result in a bench warrant being issued. The defendant is required to surrender and show cause why he shouldn't be held in contempt.

I have had cases where the defant was allowed to make arrangements with the Court in lieu of actually appearing. At a minimum, it would be wise to call the court in question and find out how they want to proceed.

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