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Can I get reimbersed from paying off my exgirlfriends house that was borrowed from my 401k ($54k)

Virden, IL |

Payed hers off instead of mine cause it was lesser of the 2,she moved in with me when she got pregnant. I done this with the intention to better our money situation and make some rental property for us in the future now she benifits from it and now going after me for childsupport.What are some options to look at on the reimbersment , cause the child support will be a given and I do not disagree or have a problem with that part

Attorney Answers 2

  1. Did you have any written agreement that your girlfriend would pay you back? If not, you will have a very difficult time proving the payments wasn't a gift. Your girlfriend is entitled to child support, regardless of the characterization of the loan/gift.

  2. You should argue that it was a partnershipfor investment purposes. Thousands of people enter into partnerships without any written agreement.