Can I get out of this car contract?

Asked over 1 year ago - Belleville, MI

On the contract for purchasing a used vehicle, the dealership put the wrong last name for my cobuyer on every piece of paperwork. They also came out to the car after I signed and told me if the loan company calls, to artificially inflate my income since they had to "fudge" the numbers for me and my fiance in order to get financing. I don't need this second car so much that I want to go through this dishonesty. Can I get the loan company to get the financing to "fall through" and back out entirely? I signed on Saturday, took delivery then, and it's currently the following Monday.

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    Answered . You are now in a pickle! Did you sign the financing app? If you did with the false figures, then you may have broken some federal and state laws. Normally you need to sign it that states what your income is! Typing in the wrong name for the co-buyer will not necessarily enough to get you out especially if the co-buyer signed it. Who is this car company? You really should call a lawyer and talk over you case in detail.

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    Answered . By signing you have asserted that that information is true. You may have broken some laws. As to getting out of the contract you do not have clean hands since you asserted that false information was true. I think your stuck. Your not going to want to go into court and admit that you did this.

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