Can I get out of a photo radar ticket in scottdale?

Asked almost 2 years ago - Scottsdale, AZ

Its an older classic car and the speed odometer is about three mile per hour off. Ticket was for 11 mpr over. Also the ticket was mailed to me at my Scottsdale address, the car is register out of Maricopa county and is in a trust.

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    Answered . Call an AZ attorney. (480) 280-8028. There are several possible defenses, depending upon how much money and energy you would like to expend fighting the issue. From service to identity to foundational challenges, Photo Radar tickets are beatable - it's just often the case that it's not worth it to fight.

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    Answered . Not a good defense

  3. Answered . You can certainly fight this. Ickes but will need an attorney .

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