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Can I get out of a payday loan without being taking to court for non payment

Pittsfield, MA |

I have a payday loan with Cash call for $2600.00 and a $500 dollar one with plain Green. I pay total for the month $400 for both its killing me. Any suggestion on how to get out of this issue. I know it was my fault but with child support and everything else, just cant do this anymore.

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IF - again, if - you obtained a debt consolidation loan on more favorable terms, you could discharge the payday loans at their exorbitant interest and get back on more fiscally sound footing. If you default, you would be liable for the filing fees of the small claims actions the lenders would almost certainly bring, and likely attorney's fees also. I would expect that to be part of the contract you signed to get the loan, as it is standard language.

Failing that, you might be able to renegotiate the terms of the existing loans, but I tend to doubt the lenders will want to.

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What company offers a good debt consolidation loan, one with a good outcome.


Short of bankruptcy or settling , I do not know what you can do . If you have other debt, even if you are current, you may wish to consider bankruptcy. I deal often with people who are current and have spent many years working miracles to keep current but finally have ran out of money .

Good luck.

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