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Can I get my requirements for a DWI dropped if I live in another state now?

Bend, OR |

I got a DWI in NH in February 2006. I completed the required program, but was told I needed to do a few more things before being allowed to get my license back. I have lived in Oregon for the past 6 years and would like to get my license here, but DMV is saying I have holds through the state of NH. Do I need to complete the other requirements, or can I attempt to get them dropped since I am no longer a resident of NH?

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  1. Most states are in the interstate compact and share information. You need to finish your case in NH before you can get OR to work with you on a new license.

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  2. My advice is to contact the NH DMV to inquire. Some states allow you to get a waiver packet that would release you from some of that state's requirements. Best of luck.

    Jasen Nielsen

  3. Your next move should be a phone call to the NH DMV to find out exactly what they need from you, especially after you explain that you've moved to OR and simply want to get licensed there.

  4. Practically speaking, I doubt NH would just drop whatever holds they have on your license. I agree with the other attorneys, you need to go through DMV to get answers.

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  5. Call NH DMV, as a few lawyers have mentioned. Do EVERYTHING they tell you to do to get your licensing cleared up. The fact you've geographically moved is unimportant (otherwise, everyone convicted of a DUII could simply move across a state line after treatment and say, "All done!"), except that it may be a probation violation for moving without permission of the court (but then again, it sounds like a pretty old conviction so I'm guessing you're probation term has expired). Call your old NH lawyer (preferable) or NH DMV (next best) to find out what you need to do! And good luck, I hope you enjoy Oregon, it's a wonderful place to live.

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